Cherry Picking - Steve Cherry

Cherry Picking: Life between the sticks is a detailed frank and often hilarious glimpse into Steve's life, his love of the game and three very important decades in English football. Steve Cherry was born in 1960 in the Nottinghamshire village of Calverton. It was initially assumed he would follow his father and brother into the nearby pit until very early on it became clear that he had a special relationship with football. Steve became a professional goalkeeper and went on to work with some of the best football managers in the business including Neil Warnock and Brian Clough, under whom he was capped several times for the England Youth Team. He played against English football legends such as

Birthdays 1st to 30th June

1st - Mark DeBolla and John Hobson. 2nd - Noe Sissoka. 3rd - Dave Martin and Gary Jones. 7th - Tim Crispin. 8th - Youssef Sofiane. 10th - Dean Leacock, Nick Platnauer and Ron Still. 12th - Tony Scully. 14th - Callum McGregor, Stephen McLaughlin and Richard Dryden. 15th - Ishmel Demontagnac and Gary Liddle. 17th - Graeme Hogg. 19th - Adam Coombes. 20th - Peter Reid. 22nd - Bob Cattlin. 23rd - Dele Adebola, Colin Cramb and Stanley Aborah. 24th - Gavin Gordon, Josh Lillis and Gary Martindale. 25th - Craig Short, David Smith and Mick Waitt. 26th - Niogo Demba-Nyren. 27th - Gerry Carver. 29th - Jude Stirling. 30th - Nathaniel Wedderburn.

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