• Jurgen Halligan

Birthdays 1st to 31st July

1st - Tyrell Waite and Eric Weaver.

2nd - Steve Sims.

3rd - Stef Frost, Billy Daniels and Adam Webster.

4th - Michael Johnson.

6th - Adam Nowland, Jordan Richards and Bart Bialkowski.

7th - Dominic Foley.

8th - Jake Sheridan and Tom Williams.

9th - Enda Stevens, Michael Petrasso and Jason Kearton.

10th - Charlie Palmer.

11th - Ryan Jarvis and Dale Belford.

12th - Steve Scoffham and Jason Beardsley.

13th - Ian Bolton and Ian Scanlon.

14th - Lewis Neal, Sam Sodje, Michael Emenalo and Frazer McHugh.

15th - Mason Bennett.

16th - Colin Foster, Steve Jenkins, Paul Reece and Barry Watling.

22nd - Mike Rose.

23rd - Keith Downing and James Lindley.

25th - Geoff Collier and Jonathan Forte.

26th - Willis Francis.

27th - Garry Birtles.

28th - Andy Legg.

29th - Andy Williams and Genario Snijders.


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