Birthdays 1st - 31st January

1st - Keith Brown, Matty Hamshaw and Luke Rodgers.

2nd - Chris Billy, Andy Hughes and Gavin Mahon.

3rd - Chris Marsden.

4th - Shaun Cunnington and Ryan Hall.

5th - Billy McDermott and Krystian Pearce.

6th - Paul Cox and Phil Robinson.

7th - Geoffrey Gould.

8th - Romello Nangle.

9th - Chris Rhodes and Guy Branston.

10th - Martin Kuhl.

11th - Stacy Long, Marcus Haber and Kaiyne Woolery.

12th - Henrik Jorgensen and Nathan Doyle.

13th - Julien Baudet, Mike Whitlow and Ian Ross.

14th - David Robinson and Lee Crooks.

15th - Colin Hoyle, Tommy Johnson and Jermaine Pennant.

16th - Lee Matthews, Garry Nelson, Peter Russell and Ricky Ravenhill.

17th - Glynn Hurst and Craig Jackson.

18th - Brendan Moloney.

19th - John Newton and Danny Haynes.

20th - Colin Calderwood and Jon Nixon.

21st - Paul Boertien, Terry Woodfield, Austin McCann, John Cofie and David Bell.

24th - Paul Dyer and Jackie Sewell.

25th - Duncan Jupp and Chris O'Grady.

26th - Niall McNamara, Ian Ross and Danny Crow.

28th - Jeff Whitley and Lewis Gobern.

29th - Craig Westcarr.

30th - Tom Ince.

31st - Ken Armstrong and James Doherty.

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