Birthdays 1st - 29th February

2nd - Hamza Bencherif, Tony Flower and Terry Thorne.

4th - Febian Brandy.

6th - Gareth Roberts.

7th - Eddie Kelly.

8th - Tony Bircumshaw and Brian Stubbs.

9th - Jake Cassidy.

10th - Stuart Garden.

11th - Lloyd Richards.

12th - Simon Baldry and Phil Turner.

17th - Dan Gleeson and Ali Gibb.

18th - Ivan Sproule.

22nd - Fabian Speiss.

24th - Brian O'Callagahan.

25th - Hector Sam, Shaun Goater and Mark Goowin.

26th - Ralph Brown.

28th - Meindert Djkstra, Sean Farrell and Michael Simpson.

29th - Mike Pollitt.

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