Birthdays 1st to 31st October

1st - Connor Clifford, Andy Kiwomya, and Len Robinson.

2nd - Tony Agana, Oliver Beeby, Kevin Nicholson and Mark Quayle.

3rd - Shaun Marshall, Peter Butler, Paul Crichton and Gary Owers.

4th - Jon Ashton, Bobby Tait and Richard Wileman.

5th - Adam Dawson and Roy Brown.

6th - Liam Chilvers, Stephen Darby, Willie Carlin, Seamus McDonagh and Kevin Russell.

7th - Lee Ashcroft and Fabrice Moreau.

8th - Kevin Pilkington, Rob Burch, Callum Ball and Harry Jarvis.

9th - Alan Gow.

10th - Daryl McMahon, Ade Akinbyi and Andre Boucaud.

11th - Rob Ullathorne.

12th - John Thompson, Kevin Bartlett, Bobby Mimms, Brian Parker and Stuart Rimmer.

13th - Paul Mayo, Mick Galloway, Phil Stant and Andy Wilson.

14th - Tim Dalton and Rob Matthews.

15th - Ivan Hampton, Mark Wells, Gary Mackenzie and Izale McLeod.

16th - Chris Palmer.

17th - Duane Darby and Rhys Sharpe.

18th - Richard Young.

19th - Liam Needham.

20th - Alan Withers.

21st - Brian Rushton.

22nd - Mark Fotheringham and Ian Richardson.

24th - Mark Stallard.

26th - Dean Yates.

27th - Elliott Whitehouse and Clive Platt.

28th - John Ryan.

29th - Tony Lormor.

30th - Steve Davis.

31st - Aki Lahtinen.

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