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Birthdays 1st to 30th September

August 28, 2018

2nd - Mitch Hanson and Curtis Thompson.
3rd - Kelvin Wilson, Ryan Ford and Nicky Hunt.
5th - Spencer Weir-Daley and Frank Farina.
6th - Julian Kelly and Stefan Oakes.
7th - Craig Lindfield, Lee Ashcroft, David Cross and Jim Gannon.
8th - Nicky Law and Blair Adams.
9th - Carl Regan.
10th - Jack Grealish, Jonathan Bewers, Tony Daws, Peter Kennedy, Dennis Pearce and Fran       Tierney.
11th - Ben Burgess.
12th - Jeff Blockley, Craig Dudley and Ronan Murray.
13th - Daniel Chillingworth, Gary Silk, John Spicer,  Francois Zoko and Gary Lund.
14th - Emmet Friars, Terry Harkin and Danny Stone.
15th - Junior Mendes, Craig Pead and Keith Smith.
16th - Wayne Henderson and Lartey Sarpong.
17th - Jake Jervis and Stuart Nelson.
18th - Sol Campbell, Vinny Arkins, Declan Edge, Robbie Turner and Josh Clackstone.
20th - Dick Edwards.
21st - Morgan Fox , Kevin Rapley and Graham Burke.
22nd - Jimmy Cargill and Steve Norris.
23rd - Sean Newton, Gill Swerts, Kenny Burns and Chris Wilder.
24th - Jay Smith and Gary McSwegan.
25th - Kim Grant and Chris Withe.
26th - Sean Canham, Jon Harley, David Clarke, Mark Harbottle,  Richard Liburd and Callum Saunders.
27th - Dan Martin and Lloyd Sam.
28th - Kwame Thomas and Geoff Pike.
29th - Steve Burke and Paul Riley.
30th - Eddie Cliff, Adam Murray and Roy Carroll.

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