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Birthdays 1st to 30th November

October 28, 2018

1st - Paul Gibson, Wayne Corden and Jamie Forrester.
2nd - Graham Smith.
3rd - Tcham N'Toya.
4th - Andy Roddie, Nigel Worthington, Kevin McDonald and Colby Bishop.
5th - Les Bradd, Shaun Murphy, David Pipe, Matt Williams, Andrew Boyce and Kasper Schmeichel.
6th - Liam Chilvers, Andy White and Jordan Williams.
7th - Tim Wilkes.
8th - Matt Gill, Craig Ludlam, Manny Smith and Paul Mitchell.
9th - Jeff King, Ricky Otto, Richard Walker and Barry Butlin.
10th - Jackie Lane.
11th - Mark Draper, Gary Mills, Stephen Hunt, Alan Judge and Jordan Cranston.
12th - Matt Redmile, Mark Warren and Phil Picken.
13th - Steve Slawson.
14th - John Bowers, Alex Dyer, Eric McManus and Jack Barmby.
16th - Paul Barnes.
17th - Paul Sherlock and Paul Smalley.
18th - John Davies and Balint Bajner.
19th - David Reeves, Liam Richardson and Kyle Dixon.
20th - Dick Edwards.

21st - Ryan Yates
22nd - David Joseph, Ian Ladd and Russell Hoult.
23rd - Richard Barker, Nick Fenton and Rick Green.
24th - Garry Thompson.
25th - Adrian Thorpe and James Walker.
26th - Willie McStay and Mark Robinson.
28th - Andy Haworth.
29th - Raddy Avromovic, Dean Howell, Craig Ireland, David McGoldrick and Jim Murphy.
30th - Michael Beavon and Andy Gray.



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