Birthdays 1st to 30th April

1st - Tristan Benjamin and Gary Strodder.

4th - David Beaver.

6th - Jamal Campbell-Ryce and Gary Jones.

7th - Jon Stead.

8th - Kane Hemmings.

10th - Dennis Oakes.

11th - David Coates, Keith Fry and Marvin Robinson.

12th - Chris Fairclough.

13th - Gerry Creaney and Andy Goram.

14th - Paul Devlin and Grant McCann.

15th - Neil Mackenzie, Yoaan Arquin, Hayden White and Paul Manns.

16th - Virgil Gomis and Pierce Bird.

17th - Gary Fleming and David Hunt.

18th - Ben Fairclough, John Chiedozie, Anders Jacobsen and Kevin Wilson.

19th - Jeremy Balmy.

20th - Stephen Finnan, Stan Marshall and Lee Wilkie.

21st - Enoch Showunmi and Mark Smith.

22nd - Delroy Facey, Adem Poric and Bob Worthington.

23rd - Steve Carter.

25th - Mike Edwards.

27th - Wayne Fairclough.

28th - Brian Billington.

30th - Marcel Cas and Rob Elliott.

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